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Our Services

We are here to establish a long term relationship with our tenants. 

Once you are operating, we are here to make sure our property is at the highest of quality for you and your needs. 


Development Services

When you choose Plexxar/Industrial Realty Group, you choose a company committed to building long-term relationships and delivering high-quality results.  We are long-term holders of real estate; not merchant developers.  Plexxar provides comprehensive real estate services to both our user customers and third-party fee customers.  We are 100% local and have maintained excellent long-term relationships with the real estate brokers, architectural and construction community as well as the City of El Paso.

Our Core Development Services include:

  • Definition of customer requirements

  • Site selection

  • Due diligence

  • Entitlement assessment

  • Initial site planning and floor plan layouts

  • Design development

  • Preliminary development proforma and project pricing

  • Conceptual schedule

  • Qualifying and hiring of an architect and contractor

  • Value engineering

  • Accounting, control and reporting

  • Manage weekly development meetings through customer turn-over

  • Project delivery & Close out

For more information on our development services, call (915) 877-4300

Property Management

Our property management team is 100% local.  Prior to construction completion, or prior to occupancy in an existing property, our property management team meets with representatives of the customer to establish expectations and determine if there are any special on-going needs of the customer.  Our goal is to create maintain high customer satisfaction through a quick response follow-up by quality work that will allow the customer to concentrate on their business and not worry about the building and grounds.  Some of our property management services are:

  • Tenant occupancy coordination

  • Establish point-of-contact information for all parties

  • Assistance with early building access to install IT, equipment and furniture

  • Lease administration

  • Accounting and reporting

  • Management of utilities and common area maintenance

  • Insurance

  • Handling of on-going repair requests

For more information on our property management services, call (915) 877-4300

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